Establishing Wise Tactics For Job Negotiation

job negotiation

But its also key to go a layer deeper and try to think about what fundamentally motivates you as a person. For example, in working with Tarr I learned I was less motivated by money or status than by the need to protect the ones I loved and those I care about. Understand not just why youre at the table but what drives you as a person. Build the case for your worth. Im a big fan of portfolios of work – of grounding your sense of accomplishment and confidence in hard evidence. When we ground our negotiation appeals in evidence and external objective values or issues, we get away from stereotypes. But you dont need to brag yourself. A study was conducted by Dr. Hilla Dotan of Tel Aviv Univs Coller School of Management and Prof. Uta Herbst of Potsdam University in Germany. They found: Whats important for women is the sense of fighting for others, for their friends, for something bigger than themselves. So this is really huge. we know that about ourselves as women – we should USE that to our advantage.

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